Who is ZGA?

ZeroG-Autobahn is a Masters Degree project with the first versions presented to the public in 2000 by Christian Frey.
I work as an information and interface designer in the fields of animation and screen design, I started zeroG-Autobahn as a research project in 1999 at the University of Arts at Berlin, Germany, Department of Digital Media.

Throughout the research phase the basic question arose at what level I was going to approach the hole project. I had to decide between proposing a serious concept or building an experimental platform with several solutions based on various mobility concepts.
For background information on flying cars please visit the archive.

As NASA promised in 1999, "in the not-too-distant future, there may be a virtual 'highway in the sky', as the average person could take to the sky in small, safe and affordable, easy-to-fly personal aircrafts, traveling four times the speed of today's cars."

As the project attracted increasing attention, and several institutions (e.g. US Air Force) showed interest in the idea, I decided to develop a feasible and manageable air traffic solution, that makes flying easy for everyone.

Designing a 3D-Motion Graphical User Interface

Unlike NASA's SATS program (Small Aircraft Transportation System), which aims to connect cities with small easy-to-fly aircrafts, I concentrated on creating systems for urban environments.
This required translating 2D - traffic into 3D and emphasizes the new opportunities and restrictions that come along with the new 3rd spatial axis. I thus built virtual traffic grids and junctions sytems, sorted responsibilities, and set up traffic rules.

Based on the ZGA system, I designed a 3D-Motion Graphical User Interface that communicates the entire system.


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