About ZeroG-Autobahn (ZGA)

The pending innovation of flying cars will revolutionize our perception of traffic. Travel in the third dimension will change our idea of travel and challenge our habits. Various layers will be added to the already existing complexity of navigation in urban environment. As physical guidance and navigation facilities such as concrete roads or traffic signs will be missing, travel in the third dimension asks for a new, efficient system providing safety in personal transport.

Simplifying actions like overtaking or flying a highway-in-the-sky system, the Skyways, zeroG-Autobahn is the solution of the future ahead. Taking physical manifestations like intersections or traffic lights off the streets, zeroG-Autobahn will move road signage in the personal space of each individual car.


How should flying cars work?

It is imperative to note, that the zeroG-Autobahn system is based on further technological progress:
Current developers of flying prototypes do not supply 100% safety. An aircar falling from the sky may be rescued by ballistically ejected parachutes, carrying the vehicle "gently" to the ground, but within city environments humans still could die underneath a ton of steel.
It is without question that without a secure technology, a flying car's future is possible, but socially irresponsible.

A second core condition for a feasible inner-city system is is the development of an aircar which independent from airstrips (within the ZGA system is based on a levitation system (VTOL).


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