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Joao Paulo Vidal Leao de Aquin wrote on the 2005-06-26 16:52:47: zero G autobahn

this avionic is very inportant ! is the evolution the sistem of chelton .

im study and writer the history and antropology of flying cars ; the best flying cars of movies is the blade runner 1982 ! and the city of Sao Paulo Brazil have the exclusive sistem of control for helicopters , the name this sistem is helicontrol ; the helicopters flying in 3.500 fits and in street pinheiros 2800 fits the frequency of radar is 118. 35 Mhz , the transponder is frequency is 0500.

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Michael wrote on the 2004-02-29 23:53:04: >>> impressive ...

The new DVD (beautifully crafted & perfidiously seductive, i must say) is explaining the different layers, functions and features of the augmented-display very thoroughly. I am also impressed by the consistency of the whole system, the colour codes etc.. I have watched it a couple of times and while getting acquainted with it, one discovers how much energy and conceptional thought went into all those little details. (You almost forget what a hypothetical project it is.) Still, i must admit I would love to try it in a simulator sometime to check if it all is functioning and making sense. What an impressive & crazy project ...

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