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The Airlanes
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This part illustrates the design of the pilot's way ahead and his horizontal and vertical maneuver space.

zeroG-Autobahn reduced its design items to the information needed:
Different to traditional street information like road signage or traffic signs (which serve all drivers at a time), the zeroG-Autobahn individualized display only shows information relevant to each individual driver.

The design principle:
The combination of line and form communicates the precise position in space and the direction. The color shows the level of attention:
  • green: action is allowed
  • yellow: low level attention
  • orange: high level attention
  • red: action is prohibited, highest level attention,
    wrong maneuver
  • white/transparent: neutral information
  • blue: option


Wright Patterson Air Force Base,

In Detail:

Flying straight:
White lines and white transparent shapes define your flying corridor.

Green lines show additional lanes and imply a sense for speed.

The space ahead shows the pilot's way of 50 meters distance.

Green indicates that changing lane is allowed, red that it is prohibited.

Rising (and Sinking):

As soon as you begin to maneuver up or down, the green dashed lines change to constant red line

4 orange lines define the precise vertical flying space supported by transparent white shapes and white stripes.

Yellow lines and yellow transparent stripes describe the new lane entry. The yellow stripes act as traffic lights. Permanently visible stripes indicate that merging is prohibited. Blinking stripes tell the pilot to get ready. As soon as the stripes turn green and finally disappear, merging is allowed.

Pitched rectangles support the pilot's perception for the pitched curve. Orange glowing lines mark the left and right border of the lane (these lines are not pitched in order to represent the horizon).

Changing lanes on the same layer:
The yellow lines in the center define the border to the new lane, which is to be crossed.

The yellow stripes on the right top and bottom support the pilot's maneuver to the left.

The red line on the left indicates that no more lanes will be available on the left.

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